Thursday, March 30, 2006


Today's post features some special invited guest authors and might be titled "Everything I ever needed to know I learned in kindergarten and was able to fully articulate by the second grade." Jessica and Rachel are self-chosen pen names for a pair of twins it has been my great good fortune to know since their birth, which was not so very long ago. They and their exceedingly generous parents took me in for several weeks last spring when I was at my wit's end with my Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and my own home seemed to be making me sick. I hope you find their sweetness and fresh perspectives as healing for whatever ails you as I have.

Who is the the Masked Avenger?
Rachel: The Masked Avenger is my friend. She has an illness that she's very sensitive to smells.
Jessica: The Masked Avenger is my friend actually. She is allergic to many things, like spices and more stuff.

Why did she come stay at your house?
Jessica: She came to stay at our house because her friend gave her a computer. She opened it and it smelled. She was allergic to the smell.
Rachel: She came to our house because she was visiting us.

Where in your house did she stay?
Rachel: She slept on the cement floor because the rug in the guest bed had a smell she was allergic to.
Jessica: She was also in the backyard a lot because she needed fresh air so that she wouldn't have to stay in the house too long because the house had new paint and she is allergic to new paint.

How was she feeling?
Jessica: She was feeling bad; that's why she came to our house. But we made her sort of feel better while she was at our house.
Rachel: She was feeling bad.

Did she wear anything strange? (I had on a charcoal face mask much of the time, but loving eyes...)
Rachel: No, she just wore jeans and a sweatshirt.
Jessica: No, she just wore regular clothes.

What do you understand about her sensitivities?
Jessica: She's sensitive about new things because new things smell because they are new.
Rachel: She's very sensitive to a lot of smells.

How did you have to change things when she came?
Rachel: We had to take all of our soaps out of our bathrooms.
Jessica: First let me tell you a story. One day we went to a store and there was an aisle and we were looking for soap and the Masked Avenger was with us. She said I can't go in that aisle; I'm allergic.

Were you ever sensitive to anything?
Jessica: I'm sensitive to Good Earth Tea. What happens when I drink Good Earth Tea is I have a rash all the way around my mouth.
Rachel: My sister is my twin and I'm allergic to that tea too.

How did your family help the Masked Avenger?
Rachel: We were at a friend's house and we brought the Masked Avenger some uncooked sweet peas and she said she felt better. (M.A.: It's true, certain tender sweet peas act almost as a magic potion.)
Jessica: We let her stay outside for a lot of the day and gave her good dinners and we just helped her.

What else do you remember about her visit?
Rachel: I was really happy to see her when she came.

What would you tell someone else who had a sick friend?
Rachel: I bet you're a really good friend and I bet that person really likes that you're helping her.
Jessica: Would you like me to help? If they said yes, I would just help the person.


Lynn said...

So simple and so truthful!!!

"We let her stay outside for a lot of the day and gave her good dinners and we just helped her."



Anonymous said...

I can just picture those girls in action.

"...we brought the Masked Avenger some uncooked sweet peas and she said she felt better."