Sunday, May 07, 2006

Check Out Nontoxic Radio

Last week I got a mysterious e-mail from "The Voice of Reason." This apparently-human embodiment of logic and sense had deduced that I might be interested in a weekly radio show airing on a low-power FM station in Massachusetts. Sure enough, "Antidote Radio", hosted by the Voice herself, covers a variety of topics related to Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). Better yet--for those of us trapped outside a 10-mile radius of WXOJ-LP--the show streams over the internet. On my rare and vintage computer set-up it doesn't so much stream, as drip, but, with patience, work-arounds are possible. (Come on, you sighing MCSer out there, you can do it, your life is a work-around.)

Boy, I understand why those media monopolists are trying to get the internet under control. (Stop them.) I felt a little giddy considering the possibilities of a weekly international webcast representing the perspective of people with MCS. Even if bed-ridden, we could get the latest, hear each others' voices, organize to advocate for ourselves. No cosmetics executive would be able to pull our programming. Maybe, if we were funny, and the tiniest bit subtle, we'd be invited to roast our enemies at their own table, a la Stephen Colbert. (Through a heads-will-roll failure of domestic intelligence the comedian was allowed to satirize our Prez at length, to his face, at a televised dinner.)

Anyway, starting small, support your Voice, listen to "Antidote Radio." You might even hear a conversation with a currently text-bound chatterbox posing as a superhero.

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Reason said...

Dear Masked Avenger,

Thank you for putting a link to Antidote Radio up on your great blog.

And might I add: You're one hell of a writer! I can't wait to have you on ...

The Voice of Reason