Monday, January 29, 2007

Is Your Shampoo Safe?

We do try (don't we?) to remain ever alive to the teeny-weeny area of overlap between fun and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Today's recommendation is not quite like a night at Mardi Gras, but check out the interactive data base on cosmetics safety put up on the web by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). It's part of their Skin Deep project, which also sends out a free e-bulletin on request. You can enter the brand name of your shampoo, or your moisturizer, or heaven forbid, your perfume, and see how they rate it for safety.

I figured my body had long since become a finely-tuned instrument for testing cosmetics safety. I thought I wouldn't learn much on this subject from EWG. It's true that the products I use--not that I indulge in many--were in the low-risk category. However, they weren't the lowest of the low and I think I'm going to making some changes. Why not use a lip balm with zero health risk? I think I should be able to safely eat my lip balm if I get it into my head to do so. Why not use a shampoo with seven ingredients, rather than 37? Please, no whining, I'm sure the simpler one will remove dirt and oil from your shining locks just fine. Did the advertising really have you thinking your current one was going to improve your sex life?

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Surella said...

I changed my shampoos etc when they started to burn my eyes-found that any product that cautions "keep out of eyes" is so NOT for me. I've been using Aveda which so far has been great. I've also changed my families shampoos because the fumes coming off of their hair -even a day after a shampoo-was killing me!