Sunday, February 04, 2007

Social Insecurity

What does an attorney need to do to win a Social Security disability case when the diagnosis is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)? An article that goes a long way toward answering that question just popped up in my inbox, courtesy of Google Alerts. "Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Recognition to Proof" is authored by two attorneys and a doctor. Refreshingly absent from the piece is the hopeless tone I generally associate with pronouncements on this topic.

Not that I'm complaining about despair. It can really be very helpful in taking the edge off the panic. My own Social Security case looks as if it may languish a second year before I find myself in front of a judge. I'm not much looking forward to the encounter, so I wouldn't mind the delay, if it weren't for the little matter of the rent.

The key element to a successful case is stated as follows:

It cannot be too strongly emphasized that your client, if possible, obtain the services of a medical doctor who not only accepts the existence of MCS but is willing to report in some detail that MCS exists and how in the claimant's condition prevents reliable, predictable, consistent functioning ...

Here's where the Catch-22 comes in for people who urgently need disability. Who could afford the other-worldly fees of this postulated angel of mercy? I've had an earth-bound practitioner all picked out for some time, who comes dear enough, and haven't been able to bring myself to part with the few months of rent I have in hand. Sorry to be a downer; just telling it like it is.

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