Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Better Days

When last we heard from our intrepid adventurer fortune was not favoring her, yet her spirit remained undaunted.

Since I last posted a lot of respirators have seen their way through a stint of face time and into landfill. In the months that have passed I have relocated to the sticks, found a safe place to winter, and, to my amazement, purchased a little house. The house does not yet belong to the "safe place" category, but I am hopeful. To my further amazement, I find myself living (in sin) with a man I quite enjoy.

The man is a fitting partner for a self-proclaimed super hero and I'll call him Romanticus of Montague. He paints big, colorful abstract works of art and likes to dress up in outlandish outfits--a rhinestoned cowboy shirt, a tasseled turban, or biker gear. He is himself a refugee from urban pollution and struggles to tolerate his acrylic paints, wearing gloves and opening all the windows. I decided he was one of us when he described touching plastic with a look of utter revulsion contorting his face.

Romanticus shepherded me through the house-buying process--and I was one lost sheep. He and the realtor would offer insightful comments about foundations or siding while I stood masked, sick, and dazed. I would contribute requests to put pop-up air fresheners outside and morose remarks about unseen mold. In my world, love means being willing to get down on your knees and sniff foreclosure carpet.

I am aware that things are looking up for me at a time when they are looking down for many others, and that I'm unusually vulnerable to dramatic crashes in the luck department. Generally I try--not with great success--to cultivate a contentment that is independent of circumstance. At this moment my philosophy counsels expanding into unexpected bounty without waiting for the other shoe to drop. Also, I believe in steering as clear of the inflation of praise as of the deflation of blame. Like most people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, I've had plenty of practice at the latter.


Anonymous said...

Wild congrats on the house! Soon the weather will warm up and windows can be opened to air things out and I just send much good wishes your way that it will become your safe haven!

I personally am doing better since we left the moldy rental back in May - some days much better even :)

Anonymous said...

Hey M.A.,

Yeah, I usually sniff the carpeting myself when the realtor's not looking. It's nice to have someone to do it for you! Check out my blog -

-Lisa from Long Island - ITT

Anonymous said...

I love your writing style. I know that facial contortion upon thinking about touching plastic...I feel mine twisting up every time I describe to someone how it feels to touch the plastic barre in ballet. (the few times I've been able to go to class since getting this wicked disease)

It sounds like you've got a great guy. He was willing to sniff the carpets! Hang on to him.

Making a decision- ANY DECISION- is hard for me when I'm in mask mode, so I think it's amazing that you waded through housing decisions and paperwork in that condition. Congratulations on getting through all of that. I hope you get some well-deserved time to relax in your new home.

Cyndi said...

Wishing you fortune and detoxing (and plenty of sin). It's about time you got all of the above. Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

This is the link for the stamps:


Anonymous said...

That's the link for the bumper sticker.


pirk said...

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Anonymous said...

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