Saturday, April 17, 2010

Going Postal

There is now a U.S. postage stamp graced with the official Masked Avenger slogan: SCENT-FREE PEOPLE ROCK. This is thanks to the Postal Service's offer to put anything within reason on personalized stamps (for a wee fee of course). Thanks are more importantly due to the creativity of a chemically-sensitive blog reader who prefers I only name her as Lisa.

Lisa ordered the stamps through, along with a bumper sticker that apparently didn't have much stickum. She reports that she was questioned about the slogan's intent by the zazzlers. They were baffled and didn't want to unwittingly draw the ire of the U.S.P.S. Lisa provided a translation of "people who don't wear fragrance are great" and the rest is history.


Anonymous said...

way cool - i went to zazzle and couldn't find them - can you post a direct link>

Anita said...

I have recently been diagnosed with MCS but have been living with it for years just thinking my entire body was dying little by little until a doctor finaly put all the pieces of the puzzle together. I was fired from my job of 8 years where I earned over 65K per year for complaining about the fumes from the heated indoor chlorine pool and jacuzzi my loft office hung over where trapped fumes were all I had to breath for years. This job left me with permanent nerve damage to my nose and hands, heart problems, and everything that comes with MCS including spending the last year in isolation in my bedroom trying to get over this horrible sickness. My livelyhood gone I have been forced to live on unemployment a fraction of what I was making forcing me to sell my home. I am fighting now to get workers comp benefits it's been over a year now, we are still fighting. My heart goes out to all who suffer with MCS. Those who have been to doctors who look at you like you are crazy and have no idea of what you are going through, and I bless the doctors who care and are determined to find solutions and cures. The world has become a scary place for me, smells and chemicals are everywhere even the medicines they give me to help make me even sicker. I was so outgoing and loved life but now I must stay in isolation just to feel good enough be able to get out of bed each day. Anita

The Masked Avenger said...

I haven't been able to make the link that Lisa sent work. I'm sorry. I may be able to work on this when/if I'm less symptomatic on the computer.

Bee Girl said...

Hi Masked Avenger,

I've just wandered onto your blog.

I would love to find a community of MCS people! As it is I'm living in the middle of no where (although in a town/neighborhood which can be difficult) in total isolation avoiding nearly everyone. This has helped my health, but it's destroying my soul. I do feel better which makes me unrealistically think I can move back to civilization and have a life. Until some kind of change happens, I live on the Internet in hopes of making connections. I sympathize with your EM issues. Without the use of a computer I'm not sure what I would do. Your stories are wonderful. Where in California are you located? I see you have a spiritual group of two! Have you found others since that post? And a lovely companion! How wonderful! I long to find like-minded people. Any suggestions?

The Masked Avenger said...

Bee Girl,

There are phone support groups through Chemical Injury Information Network. There is a link on my blog. Hope this helps.

I'm in Lake County now. Wearing my mask in public, as much as I hate it, has netted me some contacts with other MCSers.

I left my sangha of 2 behind when I relocated, so I'll be trying to put something together again here at some point.


Dorothy Valone said...

I'm so sorry that you're ES. I can't imagine how difficult that is. I thought it was bad being beat up by perfume. Now and again I write things to try to see the humor in all this. Hope these links help.

Also, I've created some stuff on Zazzle for us canaries.

Hope something makes you laugh and feel better.


Amanda G. said...

I work with pH Living, a company that designs and builds healthy, sustainable housing that caters to people with MCS and would be happy to provide all of those suffering with MCS with more information. Please call our design studio at 310-457-5477

Bubble girl said...

I recently found your blog and it's great because now I feel less alone. Thank you!! I also suffer from MCS. At the moment I'm struggling with the new girl at work wearing tonnes of perfume, and nobody believing me when I say I get ill. Hopefully together we can make the world a better place. Scent free people sure do ROCK!